It's not a goodbye, It's a see you later

My exchange year is over, even though I'm still in the US... I didn't really realize it until today when we dropped Marianna of in the airport... It just hit me that I was supposed to leave today aswell, with her! But since I got picked as a returnee at camp I get to stay in Arkansas until July and leave the country after camp. Whatever... Now about today! We were supposed to stay up all the night, but we were tired so we decided to sleep 2 hours around 5ish, but we didn't wake up, so 2 hours became like 5... Later on Mrs. Moore (choir teacher) came to our house to say goodbye and to give us our presents, which was an album and videos from our conserts and she started to play on our piano and sing for us, hahah I was literally cracking up.. Right after that, Kindra came and we headed to the airport... I cried a bit in the car when we were listening to our song (We're never getting back together- Taylor Swift)... And then I was fine until we said our final goodbyes... My hostmom and hostsister teared up and that made me cry!! And then she left.... She and me are literally like sisters, we argued about silly stuff, were silly together, we didn't have any secrets etc. We have had both good and bad moments but we've made it through 'em all. We accomplished a whole year in the US without our parents, we're strong dude!! It's hard to explain it all!! Anyways... I'm alone in our room now and it feels so empty, y'all can't even imagine! I'm leaving for NYC in 2 days (well 1 now since it's officially the 12th) and I'll get to meet my mom after 11 months away from her and I'm so excited and happy!! It's pretty cray bc I'm not rly excited bout NY but to meet my mommy!!! :) Anyways, I'm gonna watch the night in the museum now and then I'll go to sleep.... Alone! I haven't slept in a bed alone in about 5 months (yup, we had to share bed), and this is gonna feel soooo lonley :(

I tried to write in Swedish but I can't, it feels more natural and it's easier to write in English....
In the airport, drinking starbucks... Kindra, Me, Marianna, Sheridan, Natalie
Lookin' hot when me and my sister were sayin' goodbye... Lilsis took a picture of us, lol!

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