Money money money...

Today started with me oversleeping, woke up 7:45 and had about 5 min to dress and stuff and then Hdad drove the vehicle as fast as he could (he's a slow driver) and we were at school 8:00 precisely, right when the bell rang, lol!

After first period everyone went to the square and we got our groups and then we just had classes bout how to make spending plans etc etc... At lunch we got hot dogs, cookie, chips and juice ;) yum!

After lunch, we went to the gym for having "mall of life" and we got told bout the rules and all that things we had to know. It was so much fun cause we did the thing we had to do very fast and then we just talked with ppl... When we were done there me and Marianna ride on Rowdy and Jacobs shoulders to our lockers, hah! Then we just chilled last period...

At home I ate some lussebullar from the day before (yeah I baked some whf my Vmamma) and skyped with Rita, whom I miss so much!! Theeeen, we went to the game, cause we had to cheer -.- I don't really like basketball season, MISS FOOTBALL SO MUCH!!!!

Then Carla from Italy, who's my Hmoms IEC kid, came over cause she has had problems with her Hfamily so she'll stay here the whole weekend now and come over 4 Xmas break. And my Hfamily is looking for another family for her meanwhile :)

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